Who is Nadia?

Fotor060420934      Nadia was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but has lived in Oklahoma since she was 4 years old. In Oklahoma, she’s moved schools several times from Mercy School to Deer Creek Elementary School to Classen School of Advanced Studies to Casady School and now Oklahoma School of Science and Math.

When asked to describe Nadia’s personality, some words that come to mind would include colorful, gullible, sweet, innocent, creative, smart, talkative, and spritely. However it is impossible to talk about Nadia without bringing up Disney. Nadia has an obsession with everything Disney, and sees Walt Disney with eyes filled  with great admiration. If you asked her what the greatest place in the world is, she would without a doubt answer, Disney World in Florida. If you asked her the history of Walt Disney, she could tell you that too. Along with Disney, Nadia also loves keeping up with the Oklahoma City Thunder team. Having a dad who’s obsessed with the Thunder, Nadia also likes to go to every Thunder home game to support all the players like Kevin Durant and her favorite, Russell Westbrook. During playoffs, finishing homework early or very late is a must, as watching every game is her top priority!

In school, Nadia’s better subjects are math and science, and her worst is history. Contrasting to her best subjects, Nadia’s dream is to publish a best selling fiction novel. Once upon a time, she wished of having her own talk show as well. Along with publishing her novel, Nadia also wants to become some sort of medical doctor. Aside from academics, Nadia has played the violin since middle school, and decently plays tennis, playing all of elementary and then continuing again in high school. Nadia’s also tried volleyball, soccer, and swimming, but wasn’t very good at either.

Having enjoyed her time at Casady School, Nadia isn’t excited to be switching to OSSM. She still chooses to go to OSSM though, because it’s a challenge. She is extremely competitive, and needs to know if she can survive the toughness of the school. She has been offered a challenge, and to decline would be chickening out, therefore she must accept. While many of her friends say that OSSM changes people’s personalities, Nadia’s goal is to be successful in her new school all while retaining her bubbly personality and not changing to a “robot of math and science”.


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