Life Update: The Conclusion of Undergrad


I realize I never fully addressed the fact that I’m done with college! So let this post be somewhat of a life update. I’m happy to share I graduated this past May with a bachelor’s degree in biology along with a minor in mathematics. The plan is to start medical school at Saint Louis University School of Medicine in less than a month now! Exciting and scary! It’s crazy to think this blog started 6 years ago in high school, and now here I am intending to continue blogging about my journey to an M.D. degree. Alhamdullilah (Arabic translation: praise be to God), I’m so grateful.

Now for some undergrad closing remarks…

People always told me college is where you grow the most and learn who you are, but I entered college thinking I was already grown. It turns out elders know what they’re talking about.

You learn about yourself through eye-opening courses, joining fun extracurricular clubs, but what you never notice is college is the time you develop some of the richest relationships with people, and you learn a lot about yourself from that too.

My grandpa says, “if you want to know who someone really is, look at who their friends are.”

I always thought he was referring to peer pressure and how company matters, but after reflecting on it this past month, I realize it’s actually deeper than that. I thought about every one of my closest friends and what it could mean about me. It turns out they were people I admired most, who held traits I most respected, and to think of them as a representation of who I was… it felt like a honor.

And I think that’s what resonates with me the most from my college experience… The fact that as people we contain some naturally fully developed qualities but also seeds of qualities that we need some help developing. So we surround ourselves with people that possess those fully developed qualities we hope to grow in ourselves.

So “if you want to know who someone really is, look at who their friends are,” because your friends as a collective represent who you aspire to be.

Friends see the potential in you. They see the seeds within you and help them grow. Friends encourage, and being encouraged by someone to be the best version of yourself is one of the best feelings to experience. Thus, my takeaway from undergrad is that the best thing I can strive to be to my friends, family, and strangers is

a friend.

Cheers to the next chapter!


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