Playing Dominoes: Speak Up

People are the most fascinating and beautiful things to exist in this world. When I take photos, majority end up as portraits. When I write, it’s often inspired by a conversation I had with someone. Today I write to remind myself and others of the most beautiful fact of humanity:

Every person is original; every person possesses a unique path of influence. 

Each person impacts us differently, and we impact each person differently. We have an inimitable voice, and it’s the reason we continue to do a lot of the things we do whether it’s taking photos, making videos, or writing about the same thing others have done already. It’s the reason we can watch remakes of the same movie. One actor touches your heart differently than another. One director moves you differently than another. It’s the reason I continue to blog despite there being thousands of other more famous ones.

Our words and actions carry a unique weight that no one else can ever perfectly replicate. No two people will ever inspire the same people to the same degree.

If we are all dominoes, then we are all connected in intricate, complex pathways in which we don’t know exactly which dominoes we have the power to influence.

Somehow, I forgot this.

On social media, I always viewed many friends sharing posts about advocacy, but never felt the need to personally share anything, because “everyone already knows” or “enough people have shared it”. I also refused to be caught up in judgement of “wow is she just sharing this as a trend?” or “why didn’t she post something different?”.

Interestingly, these same phrases or excuses could be applied to the light-hearted things I actually share but never are.

We pick and choose when to believe we are original individuals. The fact is we are always uniquely powerful individuals. We are always, most of the time unknowingly, impacting someone with what we do. So share something that’s important to you even if you think everyone already knows. Maybe you’re the only one that can impact a specific domino to fall.

Thank you to the dominoes that opened my eyes to the importance of sharing my support for the Black Lives Matter movement. There have been too many lives lost in the Black community due to police brutality and racism to remain quiet.

I encourage you to email Minnesota officials: – This link was created by someone to take you to a pre-made email template already addressed to the emails of the Minnesota officials. You just have to type in your name and click send.

I also encourage you to donate to organizations such as the Black Lives Matter Global Network and others that are working towards lifting communities and ending police brutality through bailing out protestors, supporting small businesses, and more.

And most of all, I encourage you to always take advantage of your inimitable voice.




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