From Social Cliques to Social Floating

One milestone later it seems… I finally blog again. Since I’ve last blogged, I’ve been interviewed on TV, visited a friend in a different state by myself for the first time, turned 21, and even completed my last math class ever. More than all that though, for the first time, I sense a change in myself. Every time I come home for breaks, my mom claims to see growth in me, but honestly I’ve always felt exactly the same.

Now, for the first time, I do feel different from the Nadia that entered college three years ago.

One thing that’s changed in the past three years is my perception of friendship. I have always been the type of person that loves her clique. Don’t misunderstand me, I try to be friendly to all, but when it came to where I put effort, all my effort was reserved to whoever I thought were my closest friends. I was content with a clique, and felt no need for any other friends. There was a sense of security knowing that I was investing all my time and energy in those with whom there was a mutual closeness. I never saw the need to reach out to any more distant friends. My circle of close friends were like the string of a bracelet around my wrist, but what I failed to see was that all my other friends were the beads of the bracelet. Just as essential.

I learned that this year. I left my comfort zone of a clique, and started to social float a little more. I started to realize a magnificent truth of life.

Every friend I have the honor of making is unique, and adds something wonderfully different and indispensable to my life.

There are some friendships that seem like a dead end with no room for growth, but the quality time spent is so unique from anyone else, that why let that friend drift away?

I used to think my only responsibility was to maintain my close circle of friends, and then the remainder of friends, well whatever happens happens. But I was crazy to be content with a string around my wrist, and letting beads fall off whenever however. 

Maintain that close circle of friends, but also the distant ones. Together, they create a fuller richer life experience. 



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